15 reasons why you should Date an author

Writers might not have remarkable checkbooks, but that does not mean they don’t really create great dates. Here are 15 reasons why you should date a writer:

1. Writers can woo you with words. Whether your really love vocabulary is actually terms of affirmation, you are in chance. Writers can find tens of thousands of methods to let you know simply how much they care.

2. Article writers can stroke the ego. Perchance you’ll come to be their muse. Maybe he will thanks in a novel devotion. Maybe you’ll become a sounding panel for brand new some ideas.

3. Cash does not matter. Date a writer and you’ll be online dating someone that really does the things they’re doing because he/she loves it, perhaps not so as to get wealthy.

4. Article writers visit interesting events with fascinating individuals. Prepare to socialize with interesting intellectuals and writers and singers — also to roll your eyes at a few pretentious people.

5. Article writers frequently have flexible schedules.

6. The majority of article authors can create from everywhere. When you’re worried that work might take you to France, your new guy or girl may be (conveniently) convinced to participate you.

7. Writers provide distinctive and considerate point of views on many different subjects.

8. People often enjoy solitude and do not need an active social existence to flourish.

9. Regarding #8, after a long day’s writing, the existence should be a welcome air of oxygen.

10. Authors tend to be wise. Most are hilariously witty. Others tend to be trivia nerds. You will probably pick-up various brand new words, arbitrary details, or a deeper understanding for many topics when spending time with one.

11. People are usually open guides, sporting their particular hearts on their sleeves, and in a position to articulate their own thoughts and feelings (at the least in writing) eloquently.

12. Authors tend to be innovative issue solvers.

13. Writers handle criticism and getting rejected daily. They learn how to smartly assess useful critique and persevere in difficult times. Authors cannot quit quickly.

14. Experts can multitask, balancing projects, pitches and personal assignments.

15. Love characters wont have spelling mistakes in them. Neither will grocery listings.

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